Archival pictures of Karisa

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Karisa out with the others

Tusuja, Karisa and Rapa

Karisa sucking his trunk

Karisa sucking his trunk

Mbegu, Karisa, Tagwa and Rapa

Mbegu with Karisa

Jotto, Karisa, Lasayen and Oltaiyoni lying down

Karisa in his stockade


The calf is called Karisa

Back on its feet

The calf is placed in the stockade

Off loading the calf

On arrival at the Nursery

Loading the calf into the plane

At the airstrip

The immobilized calf

The vet examining the injured elephant

Part of the femur poking through the skin

The mother is anaesthetized

The injured mother

The calf with its mother

The rescue time arrives on the scene

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