Archival pictures of Kauro

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Kauro twisting his trunk

Kauro coming down the rocks

Kauro sniffs at the camera

Sweet Kauro

Kauro out and about

Kauro out in the bush


Kauro gets some loving from a keeper

Kauro following a keeper

Babies heading out


Kauro's injured trunk a couple of days after rescue

Kauro giving a hug to another little ele

Kauro by his blanket

Kauro relaxing

Kauro resting his trunk in a keepers hand

Having a drink of milk

Snuggling up to the blanket

Little Kauro exhausted after a couple long days

Lying down

Injured trunk with green clay

Kauro in the stockade

Kauro having green clay applied

Kauro sucking a keepers thumb

The calf on the tarpauline

The calf's injured trunk

The calf arrives at the airstrip

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