Kelelari's Latest Photos

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Kelelari and Karisa at the watering hole

Kelelari splashes around in the water

Kelelari went on to the truck for the first time

Kelelari not wanting to go into the lorry

Kelelari was unlucky with lucerne today!

They thought Kelelari was too big!

Kelelari was not phased

Ndotto behind Kelelari

Big Kelelari does not like the babies much either

Kelelari in a playful mood

Kelelari was not being very nice to Mteto

Kelelari won the big root!

Kelelari is already quite a big bull!

Kelelari going to play with Ndotto

Poor Kelelari missing tail

Kelelari the big boy

Kelelari out in the forest

Kelelari coming for his milk bottle

Kelelari enjoying his milk bottle

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