Archival pictures of Kenia

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The young calf arrives at the Nanyuki airstrip in an open pickup

Kenia owes her safe rescue to the community of Wathi

Kenia with her new Nursery friends

Lesanju takes on another baby calf, constantly there to guide and reassure her


Kenia explores her new surroundings on her second day at the DSWT Nusery

The community were very involved in Kenia's rescue, testiment to the success of the community outreach programs being carried out in that area

Seeking out the blanket to suck as reassurance

Kenia getting to know the Keepers

Kenya taking her first steps at her new home with her new friends

Little Kenia engulfed by the other Nursery orphans on her first day with them

We called her Kenia, a big name to carry, but she came at a most important time for Kenya

The nursery orphans showered the little new comer with reassurance and love


Kenia still loaded on the plane on arrival in Nairobi's Wilson airport

Flying into Nairobi

Kenia arrives in the back of an open pick up at Nanyuki airstrip

Her eyes were covered for the journey

The community that saved her life by reporting news about this abandoned calf look on curiously

On arrival at Nairobi's Wilson airport

Some of the Kenya Wildlife Service men involved in Kenia's rescue

Loading Kenia

Loading the calf into the Cessna Caravan aircraft

before she was loaded onto the waiting aircraft she was given an antibiotic injection

She arrived bound well, obviously driving in an open vehicle to the airstrip required the calf to be restrained

The rescue plane on the Nanyuki airstrip

Arriving at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust nursery

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

The terrified calf once captured

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