Archival pictures of Kibo

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Kibo in the forest at the Nairobi National Park nursery.jpg

Kibo and the Keepers at Amboseli.jpg

Kibo and the KWS men responsible for saving him from the well.jpg

Kibo on board the plane.jpg

Kibo, a tiny calf about 2 to 3 weeks old.jpg


Little Kibo needy of his Keeper.jpg

Loaded for the flight.jpg

Mt Kilimanjaro as seen from the rescue plane en route to collect the calf.jpg

On arrival our Keepers are able to ensure he has a milk feed before his flight back to Nairobi.jpg

Packaged for the flight

Safely on his feet in the stable and very hungry.jpg

Stephen helps direct operations.jpg

The baby in the back of the pick up safely at the nursery.jpg

The calf was waiting on the airstrip with the men who had rescued him the night before.jpg

The elephant Keepers going on Kibo's rescue walk across the apron on the airfield to the waiting plane to fly them to Amboseli.jpg

The Keepers and the baby orphan

The pilot prepares the rescue stretcher matress and straps for the flight.jpg

The rescue pickup meets them at Wilson airport to unload the calf.jpg

The rescue team.jpg

The Senior warden Amboseli.jpg

The Trust's latest newsletter is enjoyed by those involved in Kibo's rescue.jpg

The baby is prepared for the flight

Throughout the flight the team offer comfort to their latest charge.jpg

Hassan involved in the rescue

First the calf is prepared on the stretcher.jpg

First the calf is prepared on the stretcher.jpg

Below maasai manyattas are seen scattered below in a barren landscape.jpg

Aloe Vera is applied to his sunburnt ears.jpg

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