Archival pictures of Kihari

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Kihari sucking fingers for comfort

Kihari, a beautiful little calf

Loading the calf

Loading the calf onto the plane.jpg

Some of the KWS rangers involved with saving Kihari.jpg

The calf is prepared for flight.jpg

The KWS vehicle waits for the rescue plane on the airstrip.jpg

Nanyuki airstrip

The new calf lieing in the back of the pickup.jpg

The rescue plane and the KWS vehicle with the calf.jpg

Throughout the flight she is looked after.jpg

Weakened by her ordeal the Keepers try to get her to feed.jpg

Little Kihari enjoying the attention of the others

During the flight.jpg

Captain Tad Watts.jpg

Abdi unties the calf.jpg

Abdi prepares the long acting antibiotic.jpg

Abdi looks through the medical box to give the calf a long acting antibiotic.jpg

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