Archival pictures of Kiko

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In the park with a keeper

Loboito following Kiko

Kiko out and about with Loboito following him

Out and about with the keepers and Loboito

At the Nairobi Nursery stockade compound

By Maxwells stockade

Out in the bush

By the visiting area

Getting some loving attention

Following a keeper back to the stockades

Kiko being affectionate to Hassan

In the stockade a few days after rescue

Following a keeper out to the bush

Drinking some water

Out and about with Hassan

In the stockade

In the vet vehicle

With the vet team who rescued him

In the rescue plane

The rescue team

During the flight

On arrival at Wilson

Loaded in the back of the Trust pickup

Being loaded into the rescue plane

The cute baby giraffe

A keeper sitting in the shade with the baby giraffe

The baby giraffe in the tarpaulin ready for the flight

Preparing the baby giraffe for the flight

Keepers and vet team members with the baby giraffe

Carrying the orphaned giraffe

Waiting for the rescue plane

The rescue plane on the airstrip