Archival pictures of Kilaguni

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The rescued calf waits for the aircraft at the airstrip.

The rescue plane on the Kilaguni airstrip.

The rescued calf waits for the aircraft at the airstrip

The KWS officers and rangers involved in rescuing Kilaguni from near the Chyulu Gate.

The Kilaguni airstrip.

The flight to Tsavo.

The chunk out of Kilaguni's ear is evident in this photograph.

The calf was transported in the back of the KWS vehicle.

Preparing Kilaguni for the flight


Kilaguni taking a bottle of milk once in the Nairobi Nursery.

Kilaguni surrounded by some of those who rescued her and the rescue team of Keepers.

Kilaguni still on the back of the vehicle.

The young calf is prepared for the flight

Kilaguni integrates with the other orphans at the nursery

Inside the rescue plane.jpg

Hyena's had completly severed the calf's tail.jpg

Flying back to Nairobi over the Chyulu Hills with Mt. Kilimanjaro behind.

Feeding Kilaguni.

Checking on Kilaguni during the flight.

Abdul takes down the details about Kilaguni's rescue.

Abdul prepares the antibiotic injection.

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