Archival pictures of Kitirua

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Aden, Amos, Julius and Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom.jpg

The rescue story is written down before departure

The orphaned calf

The French film crew

The flight back to Nairobi

Zoom Zoom one of the keepers who went to rescue Kitirua

The calf and the Keepers in the back of the KWS landcruiser pickup

Returning to Nairobi

Restraining the calf

Restraining her for the journey

Preparing to land

Preparing for the rescue

On the way to the airstrip they passed an Amboseli bull

Loading the calf into the rescue plane before heading back to Nairobi

Loading the calf as the sun faded

Landing at Amboseli

Kitirua just before rescue

Kitirua being greated warmly by the Nursery elephants the morning after her rescue

In the back of the landrover

The calf is restrained

The calf is captured

Working hard to capture the calf

Capturing the calf

The calf is found

Even the pilots got involved!

Even the pilots got involved in the rescue proceedings

Elephants below

Amos preparing for the action about to unfold

Amos driving back to the airstrip

Aerial veiw of Amboseli

Amboseli elephants

Amboseli 1

Aden pleased that the rescue ordeal is behind them

A KWS vehicle drives the team & orphan back to the airstrip

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