Archival pictures of Kudup

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Waiting on the airstrip for Kudup's arrival.

The warriors who helped save the calf look on as Kudup is prepared for the flight.

The vulnerable little calf makes friends with the Keepers.

The team of men involved in going to rescue Kudup.jpg

The rescue team for Kudup head to the plane

The flood waters of the Milgis

The colourful scene that surrounded Kudup's rescue.

The colourful and attractive scene the surrounds the rescue of Kudup.

The caravan parked on the Milgis airstrip while the Keepers await the arrival of the rescued calf.

Some of the community guys involved in saving Kudups life.

She was called Kudup, the name of the area she was found.jpg

She thirstily takes some milk.jpg


Sammy with Kudup.

Samburu community.

One of the young men involved in saving Kudup's life.

Off loading the baby.

Obviously a drought baby, Kudup just could not get enough of water and mud.

Making friends with Kudup.


Kudup peeps around the Keepers legs

Kudup in the mud.

Kudup in the back of the landrover.

Kudup during the flight back to Nairiobi.jpg

Kudup clings to those that have rescued her.jpg

Kudup at the Nursery in Nairobi on the same day, passionate about water and mud.

Helen Douglas Dufresne who's work through the Milgis Trust has resulted in enormous goodwill amoungst the communities and their wildlife.

Flying in the Milgis lugga was flowing from the rains that fell in the mountains.

Anton the pilot.

An adorable little calf, robbed of her mother only the night before.jpg


Amos with one of the men involved in saving Kudup.

A member of the community involved in Kudup's rescue.

Amos communicates to the Samburu community about how important their conservation efforts are for the future of wildlife in Kenya.

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