Archival pictures of Kuishi

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Kuishi dustbathing

Kuishi enjoying the mudbath

Kuishi, Esampu, Jotto

Kuishi having milk

Kuishi in the bush with the others

Mbegu greets Kuishi

Kuishi surrounded by the other orphans

Godoma,Kuishi, Mbegu

Kuishi out in the forest with the other orphans

Kuishi sucking a keepers fingers

The calf is called Kuishi

The calf is captured

The calf is placed in a stockade

The calf arrives at the Nairobi Nursery

On the flight back

The rescue team

Trying to get the mother to her feet

Getting ready to assist the mother to her feet

Capturing the calf

The calf and its collapsed mother

The calf by its collapsed mother

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