Archival pictures of Lenana

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Lenana with her ears out with the other nursery orphans

Lenana lays her trunk protectively over little Chyulu with Loijok protectively standing by

Lenana happily integrated into the nursery group - Lenana with her ears out

Lenana joins the other orphans out in the forest

The orphaned calf browsing in the bushes

The calf is captrued

The calf in the back of the rescue vehicle

The calf and its dead mother, with its rescuers nearby

Loading the calf into the rescue vehicle

Lenana's dead mother

Batian rescuing the calf

Edwins hand on the young calf

Driving the new calf from the Wilson Airport to the Nairobi Nursery

Dr. Daphne Sheldrick sent the Keepers with an antibiotic to administer before the flight, along with a tranquiliser to prepare the calf for the fligh

The other nursery elephants meet Lenana

The Olpejeta rangers with the rescued calf in the back of the landcruiser

The Olpejeta landcruiser backs up to the rescue plane

The Keepers attempt to give her some milk

Off loading the new calf

Loading the orphaned calf into the aeroplane at Olpejeta

Lifting the calf from the car onto the canvas stretcher

Lenana strapped in the plane

Lenana on arrival at the nursery

Lenana meets the other orphans an hour after arriving at the Nairobi nursery

Lenana meets the other orphans

Lenana meets the other nursery orphans just hours after she arrives in NBI

Lenana is taken off the aircraft and loaded into the waiting Trust pickup

Lenana is introduced to the other nursery elephants

Lenana after capture before being loaded onto the plane

Kora affectionately discovers Lenana

It takes six men to lift the young calf lieing on the canvas stretcher

Olpejeta staff wait with the rescued elephant until the plane sent by the Trust lands


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