Archival pictures of Loijuk

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The young calf is then laid down on the matress and canvas stretcher before loading her into the plane

The young calf is lifted out of the landrover having had a three hour journey to the closest air strip

The young calf in the back of the landcruiser

The Trust's Keepers feed the calf before loading her onto the plane

The little calf is carried into a prepared stable

She is called Loijuk, after the area where she was found in the West Gate Conservancy

Once in the plane Felix watches over the calf closely

Loijuk's rescuers

Loijuk's arrival at the DSWT is filmed by 60 minutes

Loijuk wrapped up for the flight

Loijuk with little Ndololo

Loijuk with her rescuers

Loijuk next to the aeroplane tyre. She is estimated 6-7 months old

Loijuk in her stable with a keeper

A very thin Loijuk in Nairobi

Sweet Loijuk

Loading the young female calf into the waiting aeroplane

Atanash struggles to get some rehydration fluid down the dehydrated calf before the flight

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