Archival pictures of Lualeni

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Lualeni with Leluruk having her midday bottle

Lualeni bonds with Sunyei

Sunyei is very gentle and tender with the new calf

Lualeni joins the other orphans out in the bush the next day

Waiting to be transported

Sucking the fingers of one of her rescuers

Lualeni standing alone before her rescue

On arrival at the Nursery she immediately fed again.

She fell asleep while being transported from the airport to the Nursery in the Trust's vehicle

The next day she was flown up to Nairobi to the nursery

At Voi she joined the orphans in their stockade

Her legs were strapped for the journey to Voi

She immediately drank a bottle of milk

She seemed resigned to her fate and didn't resist

Lualeni was estimated to be about 4 months old

Lualeni, found alone sleeping under a tree.

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