Archival pictures of Luggard

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Luggard leading the baby herd

Happy out in the bush

Luggard out in the forest

Luggard with little friend Jotto

Luggard negotiating the bush with ease

Luggard socialising with Murit and Ngilai

Luggard with Godoma

Luggard playing in the mud wallow

A happy elephant out in the forest

Luggard out in the forest

Luggard with giraffe orphan Kiko

Jotto with Luggard

The pus was drained from the wound and then packed with clay

In the Stockade

The X-Ray Machine

Ready for take off

On the plane

Luggards swollen knee joint

Capture of the stricken calf

The Rescue Plane

Sky Vet flies to the rescue