Archival pictures of Maalim

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Tiny Maalim dwafted by the stable door.jpg

The tiniest rhino ever seen.jpg

Roan (Angela's younger son) gives Maalim a cuddle.jpg

Maalim with Roan (Angela's younger son).jpg

Maalim the day after his arrival


The KWS ranger who rescued the tiny abandoned Rhino calf hands Maalim over to Kingoo.jpg

At the Ngulia airstrip with the KWS personel involved in Maalim's rescue.jpg

Kingoo, Maalim and Roan

Kingoo, Maalim and Roan.jpg

Maalim in the back of the KWS landrover at the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary.

Maalim with Kingoo in his stable.

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