Archival pictures of Madiba

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Madiba having a mudbath (right)

Madiba clowning around

Ndomot and Madiba play fighting

Ndomot climbing on Madiba

Madiba on the right with his friends Ndomot and Sunyei

Madiba our fuzzy new arrival

Madiba settling in

Madiba with Wendi three days after arriving in Nairobi

Madiba on this third day totally settled

Madiba settles into his stable

Madiba with Julius having a light dustbath. He arrived as such a fuzzy little elephant

Madiba in his crate is carefully lowered onto the DSWT landrover

The landrover parks close to the PC 12 aircraft so that Madiba's crate could be manoeuvred off the plane

The plane carrying Madiba arrives the evening of 23rd December

The Trust's Keepers stand by on the apron waiting for Madiba's arrival

Madiba (Olly) with Karen Trendler

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