Archival pictures of Maktao

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Maktao wrapped up in the helicopter

Maktao healthy in the Nursery

Maktao with his keeper


Maktao enjoying a mudbath

Esampu and Maktao at the Nursery

Maktao and his friends Musiara and Sattao

Pilot's returning to Tsavo!

Comforting our new arrival

Preparing Maktao for the flight

Maktao very calm on the flight

Carrying Maktao to his stable

Head Keeper Edwin checking his age

Life saving milk formula in his new stable

Securing a life saving drip for Maktao

Little orphan following Andy the pilot

Pilot Andy feeding the orphan some clean water

Maktao being carried to his stable

Maktao carried to the Nursery

Maktao being offloaded the helicopter

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