Archival pictures of Malkia

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Malkia with all the babies

Malkia playing around

Malkia being silly

Happy Malkia with her new family

Happy Malkia

Malkia and Tamiyoi

Playing with a keeper

Malkia and Sana Sana

Roi, Malkia and Mbegu

Welcoming Malkia

The orphans welcoming Malkia to the family

Malkia's sweet little face

Malkia in her taming stockade

Godoma with Malkia and keeper

Galla, Malkia, Rapa

Malkia in a taming stockade in the Nursery

Malkia on the flight to Nairobi

Malkia being placed in her stable

On her way to the rescue plane

Malkia being transported to the rescue plane

Malkia ready for her flight to Nairobi

Malkia in her stable at the nursery

Malkia's mother

Poor Malkia's dead mother

Malkia and her family beside her mother

Malkia's dead mother

Malkia beside her mother

Malkia's family around her mothers body

Malkia beside her ailing mother

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