Archival pictures of Mapia

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Mapia looking well

Mapia having his milk

Mapia and Ndotto

Mapia first day in the forest

Mapia being cuddled by Malkia

Mapia dusting himself

Mapia folded ears

Strapping Mapia into the helicopter

Touch and go for little Mapia

Ambo showing concern for little Mapia

Ambo in the next door stockade

Life saving fluids

Mapia on a drip on the Landcruiser

Preparing Mapia for the helicopter

Reversing Mapia up to his stockade

Mapia still on a drip

Offloading Mapia

Offloading Mapia

Mapia in the helicopter at the Nursery

Mapia arriving in Nairobi

Offloading Mapia from the helicopter at the Nursery

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