Archival pictures of Mbegu

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The sweet calf is named Mbegu

Mbegu walking on the rocks

Mbegu's wound cleary visible

Mbegu enjoying some greens

Mbegu and Kauro

Mbegu watched over by a keeper

The calf is put on a drip

The calf is loaded and strapped down for the flight

Carrying the calf to the plane for loading

The calf arrives at the airstrip

The calf's wounds are cleaned and dressed with green clay

Everyone interested in seeing what is happening

Securing the claf's legs for the trip

Restraining the calf

One of the spear wounds on the leg

Bringing in the tarpualine

The calf being held by the keepers

Spear wound on the calf's ear

Schoolchildren and community members in the area

The young injured calf

The rescue team arrives at Ol Lentille

The rescue plane at Wilson

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