Mbegu's latest photos

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Mbegu scratching her neck

Mbegu heading uphill

Ndotto,k Mbegu and Ngilai enjoying a mudbath


Ngilai left and Mbegu dustbathing

Mbegu dustbathing

Mbegu left with Layoni

Ndotto and Mbegu play fighting

Mbegu scratching

Mbegu reachiing for green leaves

Mbegu splashing

Ndotto and Mbegu

Mbegu playing in the water

Murit lying down while Mbegu scratches

Mbegu scratching

Mbegu leading her herd

Mbegu in the lead

Lasayen and Ndotto wrestling with Mbegu watching

Mbegu scratching on the baobab tree

Mbegu approaching the wild elephants

Ndotto with Mbegu

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu's herd encounter eland

Mbegu checking in on Godoma after her long nap

Kihari and Mbegu exchange morning greetings

Mbegu and Ishaq-B tender moment

Mbegu at the 11am milk feed

Lasayen Godoma and Mbegu

Mbegu enjoying pellets

Mbegu and Lasayen scared by the water truck

Maxwell at his gate after Mbegu banged on it

Mbegu being trained to go into the truck

Lasayen talking with Mbegu

Mbegu crossing a little stream

Mbegu with little Sattao

Mbegu's Keeper gently coaxing her

Mbegu having her milk on arrival

Ndii wrestling with Mbegu

Sattao and Mbegu together later in the day

Mbegu, Lasayen and Ndotto

Mbegu, Godoma, Mapia and Tamiyoi

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu holding her own bottle

Mbegu browsing

Mbegu and Sattao browsing quietly

Mbegu peeling bark off the trees

Mbegu and Sattao spend time a lot of together

Mbegu turning around to beckon Sattao

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