Mbegu's latest photos

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Malkia with Mbegu to the right

Malkia, Godoma, Mteto, Mbegu & Sattao

Mama Mbegu came over and pushed Kuishi away

Mbegu has developed the same greedy habit!

Ambo gets all of Mbegu's attention

Mbegu is greedy for the lucerne pellets!

Mbegu didn't like to see the boys fighting

Mbegu the perfect matriarch of the nursery

Mbegu with Musiara

Pare going to play a pushing game with Mbegu

Mbegu going to play with Ndotto

Musiara going to find Mbegu

Musiara browsing with Mbegu

Mbegu with Musiara

Luggard wanted to browse with Mbegu too

Esampu, Murit, Mbegu and Jotto

Tagwa returned several times with Mbegu & Malkia

Mbegu disciplines the naughty elephants

Mbegu with Ambo

Ambo following Mbegu

Ambo browsing next to Mbegu

Dupotto with Mbegu

Mbegu, Esampu and Kuishi

Ambo and Mbegu

Esampu and Mbegu going to see the babies

Dupotto and Mbegu

Mbegu with one of the babies

Mbegu rushing for her milk

Mbegu the matriarch of the herd

Mbegu, a baby and Esampu

Mbegu wanted to wait for the babies

Mbegu was happy to see the babies coming

Mbegu is very protective of the orphans

Mbegu does not like noisy people!

Mbegu, Dupotto and Ngilai

Mbegu playing with Ndotto

Mbegu is such a good mother to all babies

Mbegu enjoying a mud bath

Ndotto, Ndiwa, Mteto and Mbegu

Mbegu in such a playful mood

Enkesha with Mbegu

Mbegu browsing with the little ones.

Mbegu is such a good matriarch

Kuishi and Mbegu

Funny little Ambo with Mbegu

Mbegu playing with her friend Ndotto

Mbegu is always around to provide support

Rapa, Mbegu and Ndotto in the mud

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