Mbegu's latest photos

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Mbegu with Ambo

Mbegu joined in the charge too

Malima stayed with Godoma and Mbegu

Mbegu loves all the babies

Tamiyoi didn't listen to Mbegu either

Mbegu, Karisa and Lasayen

Mbegu being bottle fed

Mbegu and Dupotto were in such a funny mood today

Mbegu with Malima

Mbegu is such a special girl

Mbegu became the matriarch of the whole herd

Mbegu went to find Tamiyoi

Mbegu enjoying her milk

Happy Mbegu

Jotto still loves Mbegu too

Luggard likes to accompany Mbegu

Mbegu with the babies

Mbegu thought it was a hot day

Ambo and Mbegu

Mbegu is so good with all the babies

Mbegu having a good browse

Mbegu having fun

Ambo went to browse with Mbegu

Mbegu went to help the others too

Mbegu having fun on the ground

Mbegu with her adopted baby Jotto

Kamok and her good friend Mbegu

Muddy Mbegu and Ndotto

Jotto going to Mbegu

Mbegu was desperate to meet the babies

Ukame with Mbegu

Mbegu with Jotto

Mbegu all muddy

Mbegu with her adopted baby Jotto

Roi came running over with Mbegu to help

Mbegu standing behind Kiko

Mbegu and other enjoying their mud bath

Mbegu, Ndotto and Lasayen

Mbegu loves looking after the younger ones

Mbegu is such a caring girl

Mbegu has been responding to all the babies today

Mbegu playing in the mud bath

Sweet little Jotto following Mbegu!

Mbegu was jealous of Rapa

Mbegu does not tolerate Rapa's bad behaviour!

Roi, Malkia and Mbegu out in the forest

Jotto, Mbegu and Ndotto

Mbegu went to look after Jotto

Give Mbegu the gift of life by adopting today.