Archival pictures of Meibai

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The rangers & Keepers carry the orphan to the rescue plane

The orphan waiting at the airstrip with the Rangers that rescued him

The orphan is very weak, he is laid on a matress for the journey to the Nursery

The orphan is put on an emergency drip on the plane

The locals come to look at the ophan in the rescue plane

The calf is in a desperate state and has to be put on emergemcy drip in the plane

The arrival of the DSWT Rescue team

Meibai with Mawenzi sucking his ear

Meibai was in a critical condition upon arrival at the Nursery

Meibai landing in Nairobi

Meibai is warmly welcomed by the other Nursery Orphans

Meibai is loaded into the rescue plane

Meibai having milk

Abdi takes down the rescue story

Arrival in the Nairobi Nursery.jpg

Everyone helps lift the orphan into the plane

Lifting Meibai out the resue vehicle

Many onlookers from the Village nearby turn up

Meibai at the Nursery

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