Mpenzi's latest photos

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Mpenzi and her two calves

Mpenzi and her two calves having a drink

Mpenzi's new calf

Mpenzi and her calf

Uaso left, Mpenzi & her calf

A wild cow with Mpenzi and her calf

Mpenzi browsing

Mpenzi and her calf

Lissa & Mpenzi with part of their group

Lissa and Mpenzi with their group

Mpenzi with her calf

Mpenzi's calf

Mpenzi arrived at the stockades

Mpenzi visits the orphans

Lions ambush Mpenzi's dead calf

Mpenzi at the stockade

Lissa's, Mpenzi & the calves visit the stockades

Lissas group with Mpenzi bringing up the rear

Lissa with Mpenzi and her babies

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