Archival pictures of Murera

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Murera's wounded foot

Murera & Naipoki

Murera with Naipoki

Murera with Mutara and Naipoki

Murera with Julius

Murera with the herd

The orphan during the flight

The orphan alone in the Park

The wounds being cleaned

The Keepers and KWS go to capture the orphan

Putting her on a drip

Murera on a drip

Murera patiently waits while the Keepers clean her wounds

The Keepers working hard to save the orphans life

Murera being put on a drip

Hassan comforting Murera

Cleaning the wounds

Abdi preparing injections

Transporting the orphan to the rescue plane

The plane landed in Meru National Park

The orphan arrives at the Nursery at night

Lifting the calf out the rescue plane

Loading the orphan in the rescue plane

Landing in Meru

Landing at Wilson Airport as the sun is setting

The Keepers go to help capture the orphan

Boarding the rescue plane

Amos with the orphan as they prepare to off load her from the plane

Scenes form below during the flight to Meru

Abdi gives the orphan anti-biotic while she is being prepared for the journey to the airstrip

An example of elephant spikes collected by one of our anti-poaching teams

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