Archival pictures of Musiara

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Musiara with Godoma

With all the other orphans

Musiara in a cheeky mood

Musiara playing

Musiara having milk


Musiara dustbathing

Musiara sucking a keepers fingers

Musiara and another baby following a keeper

Musiara and Chumvi

Sweet Musiara

Preparing the calf for the flight

Placing the calf on the rescue tarp

Placed in the stocakde

On the way to the Nursery

Loaded in the pickup

Getting the calf's information

During the flight

Loaded and ready for the trip to Nairobi

Checking the calf is ok before loading into the plane

Ready for the flight

Offloading the calf at Wilson

Carrying the calf to the pickup

The calf with the keepers and rescuers

Helping the calf to its feet

Getting the calf out of the landcruiser

Waiting for the calf

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