Archival pictures of Mwashoti

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Mwashoti with Edwin

Mwashoti and Ngilai

Mwashoti with the babies

Mwashoti and Ngilai

Out in the bush

With the babies

Mwashoti, Ngilai and Alamaya


Near a keeper

Out and about a month after rescue

Being affectionate with a keeper

Mwashoti with Mbegu

Greeting Edwin

On the way to the bush

Heading out

At the stockade compound

Some of the nursery orphans visit Mwashoti

Mwashoti and Mbegu

In the stockade

Mwashoti being affectionate to a keeper

Treatment in progress

The wound a few days later

Mwashoti a few days after arrival

Disinfecting the wound

Cleaning the wound

The wound

Removing the bandage

Preparing for treatment

Eating greens

The bandaged snare wound

The day after rescue

The wound bandaged after treatment before the flight

In flight

In the back of the plane

Loaded into the plane

On the way to the airstrip after rescue

The snare wound on the day of the rescue

After treatment

The mother and her calf suckling

Mother and calf back on their feet

About to revive the mother and calf

Applying green clay

The wound caused by the snare

Cutting the snare

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