Archival pictures of Naipoki

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We estimate her age on arrival around about 3 months.

The vehicle with the tiny calf in the back awaits the rescue plane and Keepers at the airstrip.

The Keepers meet the baby for the first time.

The check what age she is by feeling her teeth. The tiny calf is loaded into the back of the aircraft.

The calf is loaded into the back of the pickup.

The calf is injected before the flight.

The calf at the airstrip with all those who helped with her rescue in the background.

Taru and Roan with the new tiny arrival - Naipoki.

Taru and Roan feed little Naipoki some rehydration.

Taru and Roan eagerly await the arrival of the baby elephant at Wilson airport.

Taru and Roan and little Naipoki, safely at the Nursery.

Taking a feed

Preparing for the flight

Some of the Namunyak Community look on

She has a first feed in a long while.

Preparing the calf for loading and for the flight.

The view of Mt. Kenya while flying past

Loading the calf onto the plane.jpg

Landing at Namunyak airstrip.

Ready for the short journey to the Nairobi Nursery.jpg

Close up of the wounds on the trunk.jpg

About to prepare Naipoki for a flight.

Abdul with Naipoki

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