Narripi's Archival Photos

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Narripi and Makena

Narripi walking with members of his new family

A close up of Narripi's trunk healing nicely

Naserian adores the two babies, Narripi & Makena

Narripi's trunk being being operated on

Narripi out for a walk with one of his keepers

Narripi and Makena walking with their keepers

Narripi, his trunk badly ripped by Hyaena

Narripi sucks his keepers fingers

Makena and Narripi very close friends

Narripi having sunblock applied after his arrival

Narripi goes for a walk with Mishak and Benson

Narripi stays close to Mishack

Narripi sleeps as Mishack looks on

Narripi sleeps watched over by a keeper

Narripi & Makena join older orphans at mudbath

Narripi enjoying the earth

Little Narripi is rescued