Archival pictures of Ndii

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Ndii at the nursery.jpg

Ndii 1.jpg

Working hard to try to remove the baby from the breather tank.jpg

With her nursery friends.jpg

Voi Airstrip.jpg

Those who had worked so hard to rescue her wish her well as she is strapped into the plane.jpg

The rescued calf.jpg

The rescued calf in the back of the landrover.jpg

The man hole was left open, whether removed by the elephants in search of water of by poachers it is not known.jpg

The baby is strapped down for the flight.jpg

Preparing to unload the young calf.jpg

Preparing her for the flight

Ndii unstrapped on the pickup.jpg

Loading her into the plane.jpg

Just as she was pulled out.jpg

Just as she was pulled out.jpg

Her little feet were white and water logged, clearly she had been trapped there for sometime.jpg

Her bellows were not heard it seemed.jpg

Having rescued the calf they remain in the area

Before the calf is loaded onto the plane

At Wilson Airport in Nairobi.jpg

At Voi Airstrip waiting for the rescue plane

A crumpled baby lieing at the bottom of the tank

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