Archival pictures of Ndiwa

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Ndiwa and Wanjala

Sweet Ndiwa

Ndiwa browsing

Ndiwa out with the others

Jotto, Ukame, Ndiwa and Malima

Ndiwa having milk

Ndiwa in the bushes

Ndiwa out and about


Ndiwa is greeted by Rapa


Ndiwa out a few days after arrival

Malkia, Ndiwa and Godoma

Lasayen with Ndiwa

The orphan arrives at the airstrip

Loading the calf into the vehicle

Carrying the calf to the rescue vehicle

The captured calf is prepared for transport

Eating greens

The orphan on her feet soon after arrival

Undoing the restraining straps

The orphan is placed in the stocakde

Arriving at the Nursery

Offloading at Wilson

In the pickup on arrival at Wilson

Loaded into the plane

Securing the orphan before loading onto the plane

Offloading the orphan from the rescue vehicle

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