Ndololo's Archival Photos

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Ndololo coming to visit

Ndololo browsing

Ndololo in the bush with the other orphans

Mischak and Ndololo

Remembering Ndololo

Ndololo following Zurura

Taru, Daphne's grandson with Ndololo

Ndololo out in the bush with the other orphans

Little Ndololo with Mischak & the other orphans

Ndololo out in the bush with Lualeni and Kora

Taru & Roan, Angela's sons with Ndololo

Lualeni looking after Ndololo

Ndololo with Mischak

Little sweet Ndololo

Ndololo taking a walk in the forest

Kora and the other orphans, including Ndololo

Ndololo and one of his keepers

Ndololo with his keepers and the blind stick

Ndololo takes a walk with his keepers

Ndololo in his stockade at the Nairobi nursery

Ndololo giving one of his keepers a kiss

Tiny little Ndololo

Makena in front, Ndololo trying to follow

Ndololo going for his morning stroll

A weak Ndololo at the Voi stockades

Little Ndololo standing near the stockades

Makena helping and loving Ndololo