Archival pictures of Ndotto

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Nursery babies

Ndotto out with a keeper

Ndotto playing

Ndotto having fun

Ndotto is given a dustbath

Ndotto in his stockade

Ndotto at dustbath

Ndotto sucking Peter's finger

Ndotto playing with a stick

Mbegu, Ndotto and Kauro

Ndotto and the other nursery babies

Ndotto and Lasayen firm friends

Lasayen and Ndotto

Ndotto dustbathing

Ndotto gets some love

Sweet Ndotto

Ndotto playing with a shove

Ndotto with a masai blanket

Ndotto chewing on a branch

Ndotto and Lasayen

Ndotto and Sokotei one of his keepers

Ndotto enjoying a milk bottle

The rescuers with the calf

The calf with the herdsmen

The calf with its rescuers

Carrying the calf away from the helicopter

The tiny little bundle

Offloading the calf

Keepers waiting for the calf to arrive

The helicopter that carried the precious tiny calf

The helicopter arrives overhead

Ndotto meeting some of the keepers

The tiny little calf is called Ndotto

The calf is helped to stand

Carrying the calf to the stockade

Ndotto outside his stockade

The calf is placed in the stockade

Ndotto soon after arrival

Nods given some milk on arrival

Ndotto on his feet in his stockade

Ndotto on his feet soon after arrival at the Nursery

The tiny calf with its rescuers

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