Archival pictures of Nelion

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Nelion with Naipoki

Nelion with Barsilinga and Teleki

Nelion out in the bush

Nelion with Quanza

Nelion reaching for the camera

Nelion browsing in the bushes

Nelion and Barsilinga browsing together

Nelion having a bottle of milk

Climbing the stockade

Laragai greets Nelion

Nelion and Lima Lima having milk

The calf charging

The orphans greeting Nelion

Sonje greets Nelion


Inside the training stockade

The calf's legs are strapped for the flight

The captured calf

The calf is placed on a drip

The calf in the stockade after arrival at the nursery

The calf in the back of the vehicle

Preparing to put the calf on the plane

Preparing the calf for the flight

On the way back to Nairobi

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