Archival pictures of Ngilai

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Ngilai and Kamok

On the rocks after a dust and mudbath

Ndotto and Ngilai

Sweet Ngilai

Milk time in the bush

Elkerama and Ngilai

Ngilai at milk time

Ngilai under some of the bigger orphans

Out and about and doing very well

Kamok with Ngiali

Playing on the rocks

Ngilai moving quite quickly for milk

Ngilai in the bush

Sweet Ngilai touching his foot with his trunk

Lasayen, Mbegu, Ngilai

Alamaya and Ngilai

Ngilai playing with a stick

Mwashoti, Ngilai, Lasayen

Ngilai and Mwashoti

Out with the keepers and babies a few days after rescue

Sweet little Ngilai

Getting some loving

Walking about

Following a keeper in the bush on the first day out

Ngilai with Ndotto

Out in the park a day after rescue

Downing the milk

Having a bottle of milk

The calf, called Ngilai, resting

The calf on a drip

The calf meeting a keeper

In the stockade

On the rescue tarpauline

Sucking a keepers fingers

A child from the community wants to meet the calf

Keeper with the rescued baby

Getting a blanket for the orphan

Following a keeper

Sucking a keepers fingers

In the back of the rescue pickup

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