Archival pictures of Oltaiyoni

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The calf is placed on a drip

Oltaiyoni chewing on a branch

Oltaiyonie running

Oltaiyoni stretches out her trunk in greeting

Oltaiyoni hiding in the bushes

Oltaiyoni enjoying her milk

The calf is placed in the stockade

The calf arrives at the nursery

Sweet little Oltaiyoni

A keeper on the flight

She is named Oltaiyoni

Preparing the calf for the flignt

On the way to the airstrip

Offloading the calf at the Nursery

Leaving Wilson

Having some milk in the stockade in Nairobi

Getting the baby ready for the flight

Restraining the calf for the flight

Feeding the new baby

Edwin gets acquainted with the calf

The calf is in a pushing mood

Julius with the orphaned calf

Enroute to wilson

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