Archival pictures of Orok

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Orok with his nursery friends

Orok with the other nursery orphans

Orok his first day out with the others

The rescue team

Orok strapped in the plane

Loading the calf into the back of the plane

Loading the calf onto the back of the vehicle

Orok soon after capture

As the last light began to fade the rescue team had to return to Nairobi in the plane without the calf

The birth place of little Orok is traditional Masai country

Orok completely obscured by swamp grass stays close to the Matriach of the AA group

Orok with the AA herd in the swamp

Edwin and Permanus waiting at the swamps edge to rescue the calf from Amboseli

A herd of elephants pass by

Amboseli, in the shadow of Kilimanjaro

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