Archival pictures of Sagala

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Sagala having milk

Sagala in the browsing field

Sagala out in the bush on a sunny day

Sagala running with Sapalan

Sagala browsing

Sagala out in the bush

Sagala heading out with the others

Sagala with Godoma

Sagala is greeted by Rapa

Sagala out with the others

Sagala enjoying greens

Headed to Nairobi

Loaded and ready to head to Nairobi

The loaded calf

The calf is nearly loaded

Loading the calf

The vehicle is brought close to the helicopter

Preparing to load the calf into the helicopter

The rescued calf

Sagala enjoying greens in the stockade

Sagala back on her feet

Sagala is placed in the stockade

Sagala about to be offloaded from the pickup

Sagala loaded into the pickup to head to the stockades

Sagala offloaded from the helicopter

Sagala in the helicopter on arrival

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