Archival pictures of Sasab

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Sasab with Stephen

Sasab with Makireti

Sasab with the orphans

Sasab following a keeper

Sasab getting love from Tan

The rescue Team prepares for the rescue

The Pilot helps to load the calf in the plane

The orphan is given milk

The keepers meet the rescue team on the ground

The keepers in the plane

The calf is laoded in the vehicle to go to the Nursery

The calf is laid down on the rescue tarp

Sasab sleeping

Sasab is tired and soon falls asleep

Sasab suckling a keepers fingers

Sasab arrives at the Nursery

Milk & re-hydration fluid is packed in the rescue vehicle

Loading the orphan in the rescue vehicle

Hospitali with Sasab

Amos with the baby in the plane

Amos stays with the calf during the flight

Amos puts green clay on the orphans injuries

Amos leades the baby to his stockade


Amos gives the baby milk

Amos cools the baby off using water

Ally with Amos

Ally and Amos go with the baby to the airstrip

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