Archival pictures of Shimba

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Sunset over Tsavo

Getting prepared for the flight

Shimba has a quick mudbath in order to cool down

Shimba before his flight to Nairobi

Joseph Sauni and little Shimba

Shimba in the background with a Keeper and vehicle with his bloated mother in the foreground

Shimba with his rescuers

The baby calf begins to suckle and takes some milk

Toby Strong waits with the calf at Lugards airfield

Water is poured onto the very hot and thirsty calf in order to cool him down

The rescued calf is given rehydration

Shimba between his mothers dead legs

Shimba tries to suckle his dead Mum

The little calf wraps his trunk around the Keepers leg

Shimba tries to suckle his dead mother

Shimba, orphaned and bewilded

The baby calf clambers over his mothers body in an effort to wake her

The baby climbs on his bloated mother

The baby back beside his mother en route to the vehicles

the little calf follows the Keepers trustingly

The orphaned calf follows the Keepers

Shimba's dead mother, and noteably she had a severed trunk

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