Archival pictures of Shukuru

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The tiny orphan in the back of the pickup

The orphan is loaded into the rescue plane

The orphan in the village with the rescue team

The keepers give the orphan rehydrate fliud and milk on the airstrip

The keepers check the orphans age and condition

The keepers carrying the orphan to the rescue plane

Shukuru with the men who rescued her

Shukuru with her friends at the nursery

Shukuru with Hassan

Shukuru with edwin upon arrival

Shukuru on the rescue plane

Shukuru on the airstrip

Shukuru having her night blanket put on

Shukuru follows the keepers to the rescue plane

Shukuru (front) & Pesi playing with the blanket

Justus with the tiny newborn calf

Battered and bruised from the ordeal

Aden with the tiny calf at the Manyani airstrip

Abdi gives the orphan the anti-biotic jab.jpg

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