Archival pictures of Siangiki

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The sweet calf once placed in the stockade

Dupotto, Siangiki and Ashaka

Enjoying being out in the bush

Out in the forest

Nelion and Kithaka with Siangiki

Greeting Edwin

Enjoying her milk

Embu with Siangiki

Siangiki in her stockade

Getting the calf out of the pickup

Lots of onlookers from the community

The orphaned calf

A reassuring hand from a keeper

The calf's rescuers

The calf is loaded into the plane

Securing the calf in the plane

Redoing the leg binds

Preparing the tarpauline

Placed in the stockade

On the tarpauline

Offloading at the Nursery

Offloading the calf

Offloading the calf from the plane


Keepers with the calf

In the rescue plane

In the back of the pickup

Helping the calf to her feet

Getting the rescue story

Enjoying some vegitation

Checking on the calf

Arrival at the Nursery

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