Archival pictures of Siria

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Sirias poor condition can be seen by his sunken cheeks.jpg


Siria with the three loving girls Lenana, Makena and Chyulu constantly giving him comfort and love.

Siria with the other orphans

Siria was quick to grow close to his Keepers and the other bigger orphans were quick to 'pocess' him.

Siria is given constant reassurance by the older orphans, her Makena gives him loving.jpg

Siria, the day after he arrived, clearly a very sad little elephant.jpg

Siria, a vulnerable little elephant who craves the company of others, both human, rhino is Maxwell and the other orphans.

Siria making friends with his Keepers.jpg

Siria is kept in the stockade for a couple of days until he tamed down and was happy to accept milk from the Keepers.jpg

Maxwell and Siria soon become firm friends.jpg

The calf is restrained for the journey to the airstrip.jpg

The calf is loaded into the landcruiser pickup.jpg

Mother anesthetized and calf.jpg

Siria with his mother

Loading the calf.jpg

He was called Siria, after the escarpment close to where he was orphaned.jpg

A close up of the spear wound injury.

At the rescue plane with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Keepers in bright green.

A close up of Siria's mothers severed trunk by a snare.

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