Archival pictures of Sokotei

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Sokotei peeing out

Sokotei having a drink

Sokotei and Rorogoi

Sokotei at the mudbath

Sokotei in the bush with the others

Sokotei and Tundani

Sokotei and Arruba greet each other

Sokotei and Ngasha

getting care from the DSWT elephant keeper rescue team

preparing for the journey to the Nairobi Nursery

transferred to the airstrip

Sokotei sucking his trunk

Sweet Sokotei soon after arrival

The rescue team from Save the elephant and KWS rangers

The rescue plane

The captured calf and its rescuers

The calf is captured

The calf and rescue team arrive at the airstrip

Sokotei greeted by a keeper

Sokotei enjoying some greens

Sokotei arrives at the Nursery

Sokotei and Barsilinga greet each other

Sokotei is placed in the stockade

Sokotei in the stockade

Sokotei resting

Securing the calf for the flight

having a bottle of milk soon after arrival

During the flight

Carrying the calf to the plane for loading

Sokotei standing guard over Cherie

Sokotei and his mother very unwell

the mother struggling to carry on

with his mother in the wild

Sokotei before being orphaned

Sokotei's mother died from a twisted gut

Sokotei with his mother before she died

Lying behind his mother

Cherie and Sokotei resting

Sokotei hugs his mother

Sokotei trying to suckle

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