Archival pictures of Solio

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Solio paying a visit


Solio's next door neighbour, Maxwell, replete & enjoying a snooze

Some of the other nursery inhabitants

Armed with the feeding bottle adapted for long distance feeding and a scratching brush


Maxwell snoozing

Shida who puts himself into his stockade for visiting, but is otherwise a free & wild rhino

Emmanuel & Solio

Hassan with a much tamed down little Solio

Daphne oversees Solio's pampering

Dame Daphne watches preceedings

Maxwell fascinated by the presence of Solio

Early am the vehicle arrives in Nairobi

Solio rests up

The challenge of feeding the calf & taming her down begins

The crate is maneuvered to the stockade door

The crate is removed from the truck

The keepers on the plane

The keepers that went on Solio's rescue

The rhino baby arrives already in a crate in the back of a blue canter

The scratching brush in action

The team wait to meet the baby rhino

They come prepared with crate and cricket pads

Solio ranch nestels between the Aberdare mountains & mount Kenya

Matthew the KWS ranger with Zoom Zoom behind

Amos waits on the airstrip for the arrival of the rhino

The exhausted occupant, Solio, a little female calf

The team that helped capture the calf & the crate in the back of the vehicle

Discussions take place between Mr. Parfet & the KWS Vet

On the airstrip

Maxwell in the stockade next door gives Solio the beady eye

Robert Carr-Hartley directs unloading proceedings

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