Sosian's latest photos

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Sosian drinking water


Sosian browsing


Sosian and Salama

Wild elephant who had been browsing near Sosian

Sosian and a wild friend


Sosian with some of the other orphans

Sosian feeding by a rockface


Sosian resting

Idie and Sosian relaxing under a tree

Sosian enjoying the water

Sosian playing with a dry tree trunk

Sosian enjoys a soil dusting moment

Sosian in the water

Illingwezi and Sosian leading the others

Sosian browsing

Sosian in the mudbath

Sosian & Vita playing

Sosian in mudbath

Sosian scratching at the edge of the mudbath

Sosian greets a wild calf

Sosian comes back to fetch ailing Mweiga

Sosian walking beside the mud wallow

Sosian soil dusting

Sosian and a wild bull

Sosian and Icholta

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