Archival pictures of Tahri

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Tahri with an older orphan

Tahri greeting a keeper

Tahri among the Voi orphan herd

The Voi orphan herd

Tahri sniffing in greeting

Tahri coming for a milk bottle

Tahri front with Kenia and the other orphans

Tahri browsing

Tahri greeted by Ndoria and Kenia

The calf in the stockade

Placing the calf in the stockade

The captured and restrained calf

The captured calf is restrained

Restraining the calf

The calf is captured

Trying to capture the calf

The calf trying to stay in the shade

The orphaned calf on its own

Darling Tahri

Sweet Tahri

Tahri dustbathing with the other orphans

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