Archival pictures of Tamiyoi

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Tamiyoi part of the herd

Luggard, Pare, Tamiyoi, Esampu and Kiko behind

Tamiyoi and her keeper

Sweet little Tamiyoi looking more healthy

Tamiyoi out in the forest

Little Tamiyoi out in the forest

Tamiyoi leading the little baby group

Kiko and Tamiyoi with a keeper

Tamiyoi and friend following their keeper

Tamiyoi playing with her keeper

Tamiyoi in her new stable

Arriving in her stable and suckling on a reassuring keepers hand

Sleeping during the duration of the flight to Nairobi

Laying her down on the tarpaulin for the flight

Preparing Tamiyoi for the flight with a gathering crowd

Feeding Tamiyoi some milk and water

Offering the tiny baby some precious milk

Sheparding Tamiyoi towards the rescue plane

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